by Jay Reynolds

The idea that jets are 'spraying' harmful substances has spawned a
thriving cottage industry in products
to protect yourself, "informational" material, and could become a big boon to the analytical labs as people scrape windshields and other surfaces endlessly searching for the elusive "bio/chem agents" .

In this article I will outline just how much and where a person can waste their hard earned money, and thus enrich some of the same people that started and promoted the scare in the beginning.
Bacteriological Warfare: A Major Threat to North America, by
Larry Wayne Harris. Available from Virtue, 800-984-7883, for
$28.50. Videotape: $29.95.(Self-described former CIA employee Harris is the source of the rumors of biological attacks.

Clouds of Secrecy : The Army's Germ-Warfare Tests over Populated Areas by Leonard A. Cole, Hardcover: Rowman & Littlefield, March 1989 ISBN: 0847675793, $47.50. Paperback: available from Littlefield Adams, $14.95, 301-459-3366. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - WT

$5.00- We have developed a product that will not only highlight the contrails and make them more visible, but protect your eyes from the UV rays as well as the gunk that may fall in your eyes.
If you feel like an unwilling test subject, order a T-shirt for $15.00 and have $5.00 go to William Thomas ( to help with his fight for information on the things that you won't find out about on TV! (Please add $2.50 S/H). Total-
"What to do for health protection from poisonous jet sprayings"
$30.00- Bandit Scarf (with activated carbon) one size fits all. blue AMS1, gray AMS2, red AMS3
$100 Dust Eater electrostatic air filter catches down to .3 micron, washable, installs in place of normal filter in forced-air heating/air-conditioning systems. specify width of 1/2", 1", or 2". specify height and length.
$259.89- pure carbon household and auto air filter
$79.00- 2 week supply of chemical-detox herbal formula to remove the contrail chemicals
$250.00 - Beck blood electrification device

Note: Willliam Thomas has removed advertising for his
USANA products from his website as of 3/16/99.
The quotes below were previously present at his website .
- by William Thomas
$$??- If you can contribute toward my CDN $1,250 air fare - I would really appreciate your help in making this happen. Right now I am scrambling to cover these and other related costs. Please send your "just-in-time" donation to: William Thomas
$15.00- Santa Fe "Multimedia" chemtrail event featured William Thomas as speaker, with fog generators, slide show
$7.00- for a bottle of Doxycycline antibiotic-"If you are lab-tested "positive" for mycoplasma infection, repeated courses of the antibiotic Doxycycline can knock out this bug."- William Thomas
O2 Mega 8oz bottle
$49.95 &O2 Mega - WaterDisinfectant 8oz bottle $49.95 "Oxygen therapy can be very effective in relieving chemtrail reactions and fortifying the immune system."- William Thomas & "as advertised on the ART BELL SHOW"
$899.00 +$25.00 SH HVDC Colloidal Silver Generator- "When this liquid is consumed, viruses, bacteria and toxins adhere to the suspended silver and are flushed rapidly from the body." -William Thomas
$62.95 (one month supply)"Since then, daily supplementation with USANA ("Perfect Health") has allowed me to so far ward off flu, colds and chemtrail exposures."- William Thomas
$200-$300- Sample analysis- "Tell the lab techs to look for Psuedomonas pathogens, toxic molds and/or traces of silica and mica, iron oxide and carbon black - as well as "markers" for jet fuel."- William Thomas
$239.00 -"for those interested in maximum protection, a surplus M40/42 US military mask - “Protects against: chemical and biological agent vapors, aerosols, toxins.” ."

$20.00- First Contrail Television Documentary by Technology Trends
Hosted By: Dr Patrick Bailey & Charles Grotsky

$28.95- Book "Bacteriological Warfare.."
$29.95- Video "Bacteriological Warfare.."
$47.50- Book "Clouds of Secrecy"
$5.00-- Contrail protective glasses
$17.50- Contrail Tee Shirt ($5.00 goes to William Thomas)
$30.00- Bandit Scarf
$100.00- Dust Eater Electrostatic Filter
$259.89- pure carbon household and auto air filter
- 2 week supply of chemical-detox herbal formula
$250.00 - Beck blood electrification device
$$??- contribution towards William Thomas' CDN $1,250 air fare
$15.00- Santa Fe "Multimedia" chemtrail event featured William Thomas
$7.00- for a bottle of Doxycycline antibiotic
$49.95- O2 Mega 8oz bottle
$899.00 +$25.00 -SH HVDC Colloidal Silver Generator
$62.95 -one month supply USANA Vitamins
$200-$300- Sample analysis
$239.00 -M40/42 US military gas mask
$20.00- Contrail Television Documentary
$2,440.69----- GRAND TOTAL
(plus- consumable items such as vitamins must reorder frequently)

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