"Mark Sky" - Chemtrail's Poet Laureate Comes Clean

Quote -"i am friggin nuts"

The words below come from a chemtrail message board, and were written by "Mark Sky", an ardent "chemtrail believer", who has posted nearly 2000 messages many of which are poems about his beliefs. Beginning in 1999, "Mark Sky" appeared more or less rational, but he now claims to have experienced symptoms of exposure to "chemtrails" SINCE 1987 which include, "dizzy days of uncoordination and like the life had somehow been sucked out of my eye sockets, the sore dry eyes, the funny sore throat, the swollen lymph nodes in the neck, ect." .

He is now a major promoter the "Aliens are making the chemtrails" idea. Here is what he has to say:




this “theory” is that through the use of genetically engineered food, air, altered news, ECT
this planet has been invaded and continues to be invaded by an alien life force
this force does not “like” the way this planet is
and seeks to alter it in every fashion to better represent that which suits it

humans as such do not suit it
nor do alder trees nor native salmioids

"my current “theory”
{which is subject to constant change as evidence rolls in}
is that in the very early years of nuclear destructive capacity {late 1940’s}
we were “re~visited” by “alien” entities who sensed by our actions that we were ripe for “harvest”
at that time the hitler~ ian mindset was saved by both the soviets and US power brokers
and the truly evil elements of the “pure race” types were saved and even fought over
by the two major powers to gain the ultime~ate upper hand
yet the scientists that each side pardoned from their unspeakable sins
to make ultimate power over the "other side"
and eventually over their own people
the power that came from the new world oder
the power was in fact alien nation
and hidden by “national security”
and anti~human

a need to hide under granite mountains
a need to carve out 4 square mile cities deep under the earth
connected by melted subways
a power to make every planetary citizen so afraid
that they would rather separate themselves from the horrendous reality
than face the truth

you ask a simple 3 line question elvis

but the response is quite complex

do I think weather modification is involved
why of course the answer is yes
if you think that is all I think
then the answer is know~more

there is so much more

I believe that there is an ongoing program to “modify”
The entire genetic code of this planet
Via genetically engineered corn, soybeans, and even fish



I believe that the US~EPA, the CDC,
The USAF, the congress, and ”the powers that be”
Have sold their ALL MIGHTY SOULS
Out to the ~saTan~ INC.

I believe that this planet is being terraformed to suit beings unlike myself
Unlike the beings that have roamed this sphere for eons

I believe that the intentional release of SP6 into the atmosphere
Is intended to terror~form this planet for the domi~nation
Of lifeforms other than humans

I believe that the “environ~mentalist” movement
Is anti~ human
And anti “old world order”

So now dearElvis {and the jay~seeker machine}
Feel free to broadly paint me with your
for I have given you the ammunition you need to fire upon me
will you immeadiately discredit
or will you copy this to a data base like “theseeker” does
and fire it out 11 months later?

Let me ask you a simple question {like you asked me}
Will we be here in 12 months discussing such topics?



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