"Chemtrail" Hoax to be Hyped
in New PC game-


<==Faked "chemtrail"
image from the
Chemtrail.com website
registered to
Electronic Arts, Inc.
Redwood City, CA





A totally new type of interactive game is scheduled for release by Electronic Arts this coming March. "Majestic" will be internet based, and will be played on the internet, rather than using a CD. It will feature various conspiracy mystery plots, including "chemtrails", in which players will become involved.

Majestic players will also interact with the game using e-mail, telephone, fax, chat rooms, and instant messaging, thus making the scenarios and players become enmeshed in the game throughout their daily lives.

For instance, according to a recent ZDnet article,
"Hundreds of phone numbers from all over the United States have been purchased, phony Web sites have been erected, and even dummy corporations have been founded as part of the company's elaborate and living set."

Computer generated and even live callers from Majestic might contact a player by telephone and issue threats, provide clues, or give warnings. Streaming video and audio files might be delivered by e-mail, or at a Majestic-based website, via the downloaded resident Majestic program, which resides in the background of your computer.

One fake website related to the "chemtrails" hoax has been identified-
"Chemtrails.com" was registered by Interactive Arts recently. The website appears to be just another typical site promoting the "chemtrail" hoax, and links to known chemtrail websites such as William Thomas, Jeff Rense, and the contrailconnection.com sites.

Time will tell the effect of this game, which might include:

-Further promotion of the
"chemtrail" hoax.
-Trivialization of the
"chemtrail" hoax.
-Being considered a "disinfo" effort by "chemtrail" believers.

Some current "chemtrail" believers may actually find the game more exciting than the actual reality, which is that they have been mislead to believe that normal contrails are something else.

Further information will be provided as my investigation continues.

-Jay Reynolds

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