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B- 1 Bomber with normal "aerodynamic" contrails forming along tips and trailing edge of wings due to low pressure areas causing condensation of moisture in the air. These are falsely called "MEGASPRAYERS" by the 'chemtrail' crowd


A flight of B-17 bombers circa 1940s- note identical planes DO leave different contrails
due to different engine efficiencies and air masses

More B-17 bombers over Germany during WWII, with fighter escorts overhead- all these pilots confirm that contrails "WOULD PERSIST FOR HOURS, EVEN DAYS"


This is a
NASA photo from a research project to study wake vortex turbulent air currents behind aircraft. The experiment involved C-130 airplanes and smoke generators on the wingtips to observe the downward spiraling currents and their efffect on following planes. I personally observed the aircraft over my home for several days in 1997 during the experiment and was disturbed until I had thoroughly checked it out and found it harmless.

1995 false colour image made from the NOAA 12
channels 1,2,4 and 5 of normal contrails over central Europe.
"Moist air was advected and lifted over an high pressure area over
Central Europe from the North. According to this lifting it was cooled
and became supersaturated with respect to ice. The cirrus clouds over
Norway and Sweden are triggered by the flow over the Scandinavian mountains. "
Dr. Hermann Mannstein, German Institute of Atmospheric Physics,

1981 NOAA photo of contrail at sunset

Photo from above and behind showing how the wake vortex causes a "corkscrew"
effect which when seen from some angles can appear as "puffs" along the contrails length.
-Photo credit DLR/

1975 Apollo image at 110 miles over the Pacific Ocean southwest of Los Angeles, California. According to Dr. Patrick Minnis of the NASA and Dr. Hermann
Mannstein of DLR, this photo was misidentified as a contrail but is in fact a
"ship trail" produced as the ship exhaust alters the cloud formation
process and organizes the chaotic structures of the boundary
layer clouds into lines.


Satellite image of the North Atlantic corridor shows contrails west of Great Britain and in mid-Atlantic forming preferentially ahead of two different frontal systems due to higher moisture as the front approaches.


Dogfights create contrails over London's St. Pauls Cathedral during the Battle of Britain
in 1940- at sixty years one of the oldest contrail photos


Crewmen of an American ship watch the contrails as American
and Japanese planes fight it out above Task Force 58 in the Great
Marianas Turkey Shoot on June 19, 1944.
World War II Magazine

Note "Fall Streaks" streaming down from these normal contrails in WWII


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