Major Deceptions on Contrails Unmasked(Part 2)- Val Valerian Exposed

"Stratosphere" by Bob Buttery

by Jay Reynolds

On April 12, 1999, I received the following email message:

---------------------------------begin message-----------------------
Federal Aviation Administration Facility Caught Launching Chemtrail
Spray Aircraft
by Val Valerian, April 12, 1999
It was reported to Leading Edge Research Group the afternoon of April 12, 1999 by one of the longtime readers of the Leading Edge Research Journal that the huge FAA Technical Center near Pomona, New Jersey, adjacent to Atlantic City Airport, was seen by him to launch three large olive green four-engine jet aircraft, which proceeded east, and over Ocean City began to emit a fog-like
compound from the rear of the aircraft (not from the engines).

The aircraft then turned and proceeded toward Atlantic City, New Jersey at an altitude of between 10,000 and 12,000 feet. According to the report, this particular FAA Technical Center is even larger than the Atlantic City Airport, and is capable of handing 747's on their runway. Experimental aircraft are also
tested there.

As an aside, this same individual took a tour of the facility in the early 1990's. After the tour had been going a while, he began to talk to one of the FAA supervisors that had accompanied the tour. While in the middle of a series of questions to the FAA supervisor, he asked, "Is this the place that alien technology is back-engineered?". Without thinking, the FAA supervisor replied,
"Oh, no, we don't do that here, we ....", and suddenly got red in the face and appeared angry that he had spoken out. The official went out of his way to avoid the questioner during the rest of the tour.

Any common sense approach to the "chemtrail" problem, which is happening over every major population area in the United States, would have to involve the knowledge of the FAA, the Department of Commerce, and more. The fact that scores of aircraft are pulling non-standard and potentially hazardous manuvers over cities all the time and continue to do so means that one or more areas in the government are involved with this insidious program. Now, we have one credible and verfied source for at least one launch mission.”
----------------------end message


Upon examination of the report, I consulted a map of the area and found that aircraft “proceeding east” from the Atlantic City Airport would not arrive over Ocean City, NJ, which is ten miles south, but would rapidly be over the Atlantic ocean within minutes.(1) Upon consulting the FAA facility website(2), I found that they had no runway of their own, and that flights leaving from both the FAA facility and Atlantic City Airport use the same two runways.(3)

Also lacking in this report was a time of observation, the most basic element in a report of this kind, without which no verification is possible.

When the incorrect flight path was pointed out to Val Valerian four days later, he responded:

“The fact that the aircraft took off to the east is because of the directionof the runway. Obviously they had to turn to fly over Ocean City. We didn't say Ocean City was east of Pomona.”

Three hours later, a new report was issued which showed the planes now taking off to the west, then proceeding south, then turning east to fly over Ocean City, NJ. This is a 180 degree change of takeoff direction and two course changes that were not mentioned before. The altered report now contains the observation time of 3:45. Inexplicably, and with no comment, the estimated altitude of the planes was also changed from “between 10,000 and 12,000 feet” to now read “between 8,000 and 10,000 feet”.(4)

One problem with the altitude specified is that weather archives of the time show that clouds were present at 5500 ft. altitude, making observation of aircraft operations at 8,000 to 10,000 feet through the ten miles to twenty flight path almost impossible.(5)

In an interview with Holly Baker, public affairs officer(6) at the FAA center, I was told that the control tower for the Atlantic City International Airport only keeps aircraft takeoff information for two weeks, and that time has passed. Val Valerian did not respond to repeated requests for further information, and has not updated his report with further information.

While the original witness remains anonymous, Val Valerian, who wrote the report, is a pseudonym for John Grace (7)(last known rank of Captain in 1992) of the Counter Intelligence Division of Air Intelligence of the United States Air Force.

Captain John Grace and John O. Lear (lifetime CIA pilot and operative) wrote the books, "The Matrix", "Matrix 2", "Matrix 3", and any subsequent volumes(8). They were undoubtedly paid a huge sum for the movie rights.

Grace and Lear have admitted to creating the forged “KRYLL” documents, purportedly describing an alien being held by the US government(9). This establishes that Captain John Grace of the Counter Intelligence Division of Air Intelligence of the United States Air Force has participated in this type of hoax before. It appears that, despite no evidence of either aliens or harmful substances being present within contrails, Captain John Grace and others appear
to be steering the contrails controversy towards a confluence with their “alien/UFO” hypothesis. This joining together of two false “threats” could be a means of fomenting panic and disarray among the people.

The information in Captain Grace’s report was found to be inaccurate, incorrect, and has been altered to a great extent since my inquiry four days after it’s issue. These facts alone do not make it false, but it’s credibility considering it's author's history of Air Force Counter Intelligence hoax activity is now highly questionable. Without corroborating evidence or documentation, it cannot be
considered valid at this time.



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