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Academic and Governmental Contrail Studies:

Dr. Andrew Carleton's page(Penn. State) includes contrail photos dating to 1994.

Impact of aircraft on the atmosphere, local impact- The French Aeronautics and Space Research Center

German Aerospace Center (DLR)- Research on aviation effects

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research(UCAR)- Coalition of universities doing basic research, including contrails

NASA Atmospheric Sciences Division- basic research

Dr. Ken Beard- Cloud Physicist- (Univ. of Illinois)

Cloud and Aerosol Research Group(CARG)- Univ. of Washington

USAF 88th Weather Squadron- contrail observations

NASA SONEX Mission- Tropospheric NOx and ozone effects

NASA STRAT Mission- Stratospheric effects

NASA SUCCESS Mission- Contrail and Clouds effects

NASA SASS Program- Subsonic Assessment

NASA AEAP Project- Atmospheric Effects of Aviation

NASA TARFOX Mission- Tropospheric Aerosol Radiative Forcing Observational Experiment

DLR POLINAT Project- EU Aircraft Emissions in the North Atlantic

American Institute of Aeronautics- Environmental Technical Committee

United Nations IPCC Working Group III- Special Report on Aviation

Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute(KNMI)- Atmospheric effects of aircraft emissions

Cloud and Aerosol Sciences Laboratory- University of Missouri

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)- Atmospheric Radiation Measurement
(ARM) Program

Contrail Research Papers:

A numerical study of the contrail-to-cirrus transition- GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, VOL. 25, NO. 23, PAGES 4341-4344, DECEMBER 1, 1998

A Numerical Study of Aircraft Wake Induced Ice Cloud Formation- Department of Meteorology, Stockholm University

Trends of OCS, HCN, SF6, CHC&F2 (HFC-22) in the Lower Stratosphere from 1985 and 1994 Atmospheric Trace Molecule Spectroscopy (ATMOS) Near 30 Degrees N. Latitude, 1996.

The Different Evolution of A Contrail's Vortex System and its Secondary Wake: Lidar and Numerical Studies

Subsonic Assessment: Contrails and Cloud Effects

Contrail Threshold Conditions

Aircraft Tracks in 1-1/2 hours over Europe

Contrails Over the U. S. and Their Potential Impact on the Radiation

Contrail Occurrence Frequency Over the U.S., April 1993 - April 1994

Spreading and Growth of Contrails in a Sheared Environment

"Chemtrail" Websites:

Contrail Connection

Smoking Gun Research

The Harbinger

William Thomas

NJ Sightings

Chem Trails Over Houston



Leading Edge

Ground Zero

Strange Haze


American Patriot Information



The Millenium Project

Biological Warfare Now

Happy Sprayday

Contrails..... Chemtrails?



Clyde Lewis

New Mexico Contrails


Alan Hutner- Santa Fe "Skywatchers"

'Chemtrail' National Protest March- Nov. 20!(calls for Clinton's Resignation over contrails)


Contrail Websites with a Skeptical Viewpoint:

Jay Reynold's World

Ian Goddard's Contrail Analysis

Dr. Claire Gilbert's Blazing Tattles

Michael Theroux's Borderland Sciences

Robert Van Waning's "Contrails Are Bad News"

Jet Contrails and the Climate

Holger Pedersen's Contrails Slide Show

Lou Minatti's Kooktrails

Chopper's Contrails Over England

Military Links

USAF Public Release Statement on JP-8+100 Fuel

USAF Air Mobility Command

Mission Preparation Site For Military Pilots

USAF Fact Sheet -KC-135 Stratotanker

 88th Weather Squadron- Contrail Observations

USAF Fact Sheet on Jet Fuels

Complete Military Specification for JP-8 Fuel

JP-8+100: Overview

TECOM Test Technology Symposium '97

Tanker Talk

Altus Boom Operator's Homepage

International Conference on the Environmental Health and Safety of Jet Fuel

Air Force 2025-Weather as a Force Multiplier

Meteorology, Satellite, and Weather:

Unisys Weather

Weather World 2010 Cloud Catalog- Contrails

University of Illinois- Online Meteorology Guides and Courses

Heeden's Cloud Photographs- Contrails

Univ. of Wisconsin- Contrail Formation Conditions

Dr. Ali Tokay- Understanding Weather

NOAA Aviation Weather Center

Real-Time Weather Data for Meteorologists

Cloud Gallery

NOAA Unique Contrail Event

NOAA Satellite Active Archives

Florida State Univ. Data Archive

Joseph Bartlo - your Guide to: Meteorology

Upper Air Weather Conditions

Intellicast Weather

Satellite Temperature Trend 1978 - 1999

University of Washington Weather Information

United States Aviation Forecasts

A Short Guide to Upper Air Observations

Understanding Radiosonde Data Files

NOAA Climate Diagnostics Center

Colorado State University RAMS homepage

Links to Local University Atmospheric Science Depts.- Try contacting them

Realtime Ultraviolet Measurements

Links regarding atmospheric optics


"Lines in the Sky Identified"

EDB Information

"Bioscan2010"- Diagnosed Rabies, Hepatitis, and Epstein-Barr in Joe Burton

EDB was found in Massachusetts- It was from gasoline

"Sky Samples Analyzed"


Early piece of contrail speculation-Oct '97

Near Real-time Atmospheric Bromine levels

Effect of Mercury Fillings Similar to 'chemtrails'?

See your House From Space! - Spy Satellite photo database

"Flight Explorer" software allows access to Air Traffic Control on home computers!

"Debate Over Contrails Intensifies"

'Chemtrailers' Buy a Hoax Bigtime

William Cooper's "Hour of the Time"



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