by Jay Reynolds

Today, 6/5/99, I recieved a copy of the Congressional Research Service's report to Congress on contrails. The CRS is a part of the Library of Congress, and does non-partisan research when congressmen get questions from constituents.

I got my copy directly from the CRS, since they had asked permission to include my article "Those Mysterious Lines in the Sky" in their report, and I requested a complimentary copy.

Significantly, though all contrail researchers received notification via the and lists, none of the 'chemtrail' claimants presented any of their alleged evidence to Congress. This demonstrates that they have no facts whatsoever to support the claim that contrails seen are anything other than normal. They are operating in a fantasyland of rumor and speculation unsupported by anything else.

You can and should request a copy by writing your own congressman.

The report begins:

"An increase over the past few years in the incidence of condensation
trails(contrails)left behind by aircraft in the skies across the
United States has prompted news stories and Internet discussions
proposing a variety of explanations for the incidence of contrails
and their potential effects on the public. As a result, we have
received a number of requests for information on contrails. The
increased incidence of contrails in the United States appears to
be linked to an increase in the level of air traffic. Research
suggests that contrails may have a climatological impact on the
environment. Allegations have been made that the increase in
contrails is due to military experiments on the population.
However, these conjectures remain unsubstantiated."

The balance of the report includes:

which is a NASA executive summary of the effects of jet emissions

Jet Contrail Studies Using Polarization Lidar

3.NASA Reference Publication 1404 - Surface Based Observations
of Contrail Occurance Over the U.S., April 1993 -April 1994
(hard copy)- published scientific study from 1997

4.Those Mysterious Lines In The Sky by Jay Reynolds VERITAS
Newspaper, No. 21, March 1, 1999, p. 1. P.O. Box 1450,
Eagar, Arizona

5.CRS Issue Brief - Global Climate Change May 13, 1999 Order
Code IB89005

6.CRS Report for Congress- Chemical/Biological Agents: Restrictions
on Research Involving Human Subjects, August 16, 1998 Order Code
97-178 F


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