November 24, 1999

A solicitation for funds in the amount of $10,000.00 has been announced on an internet website, and claims that an "air sampling mission" is planned, supposedly "to thoroughly identify the contents of the spraying." No details are given as to how this money will actually be spent, but patrons are asked to
send donations to:

Chemtrail Research Fund
P.O. Box 2921
Aspen, CO 81612

This latest appeal for money from gullible believers is evidently the work of David Peterson, an Aspen resident who organized a protest over contrails in that City last weekend November 20th, which attracted six protesters, none of whom live in Aspen.

Peterson's concern over contrails became public when he sought City of Aspen funds for an "informative seminar " featuring William Thomas, the most egregious promoter of the contrails scare, who also sells vitamins and minerals to protect people from what he calls 'chemtrails'.

During July, Peterson was denied all funding by the Aspen City Council for Thomas' visit, with Councilman Tony Hershey saying, "It sounds insane to me. There is no
proof of who is doing this or even that it is being done. I am absolutely not going to spend one penny to bring Thomas here, but if people want to go and watch him that is fine."

I expect that Thomas and Peterson intend to hire an executive type jet and fly through a contrail hoping to get a sample of the chemical or biological agent they falsely claim is present. In reality, the flight will be a joy-ride for the pair, with their more gullible followers footing the bill, and nothing to find but jet exhaust.

While people are indeed welcome to give their hard earned money to Thomas & Co.,
they can expect the same "results" that Thomas has provided thus far in his "sampling", with no sourced, documented, or verifiable information whatsoever for over six months.

Ironically, while Thomas' followers cry out for answers, it is Thomas who cries "coverup", an amazing farce of a role reversal.

A second irony will be that the jet they intend to hire will leave exactly the same contrails they will intend to "sample"

-by Jay Reynolds

UPDATE- 11/5/2000

According to chemtrail cognoscenti and confidant Toni Thayer, David Peterson
and William Thomas now have collected $6000.00 from their followers.
The estimated cost for the "sampling", which sounds more and more like a celebrity junket, has now risen to
$22,000.00 PER DAY.

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