Who Are These People?

Below is an example of what is being claimed within the 'chemtrail believer' groups in a message board posting. The poster, known as "Moondog" claims to be a chemistry professor.
Several others have made the same claim:


Contrail\Chemtrail Message Board

Saturday, 12-Feb-2000 01:58:47 writes:

CR asked also. Bigger than a cesna, CR, more like DC-10 size or bigger, I think.
Triangular array of lights: wing tips, usually red and blue flashing slowly back and forth, and a double bank of lights under the fuselage, always on, from under the nose to the wings. They can have rapid white strobes all over them sometimes. They fly strangely low and strangely slow...looking?...tasting the air?...I dunno. They are also very quiet "for a plane so big and flying so low", is I think how Deborah put it. She saw one in the Boston area. I see dozens a night. Probably on the order of 100. They have a set pattern over the city, and can fly as low as about 500 feet, maybe less. They look like they are flying sometimes less than about 70 mph. I was sure I PASSED on going about 40 one night.
They ARE planes, and big ones, and they only cruize around at night.

Been going on since July, almost every night. Others here have called them "lurking
sharks"...good description. They bank at only several hundred feet right over the city, and there are often three or more in the sky at once. I have counted seven at once from
standing in one place on my front porch, and half the sky is behind my house. And when I say 100 a night, that is just what I would see from my porch. The whole city of Philly must have 500 OR MORE A NIGHT. I can't imagine the expense and squandering of fuel, and for what?

I know they were flying over Chicago and NYC this summer, but I don't know about
now, nor have I been anywhere else. I cannot imagine more people NOT seeing these.

More night trails tonight, too.

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